When the UIGEA became law in 2006, the belief was that federal legislation would be the only way to legalize online poker. That opinion changed in 2011 and it is now clear that state level regulation is the only way to bring legal online poker to the masses.

Despite the benefit regulation will bring to online poker players, many still do not take action to help forward the creation of legalized online poker regulation. This is where you can help. It is the responsibility of New York citizens that support online poker to speak out and make their voice heard regarding regulation.

Regulated online poker will not only protect the rights of New York citizens wishing to play online poker but it will also provide valuable tax revenue to the state. This revenue will fund schools, make infrastructure improvements and provide programs to the poor.

Below are a few ways that you can help forward the cause of iPoker regulation in New York:

Contact Your Local Legislator

Support Online Poker in New YorkState lawmakers need to hear from you that online poker should be legal in New York. Contact your local Assembly member or State Senator and tell that they should support regulated online poker in New York.

You can find use the following sites to find contact information on your local legislators: New York State Assembly and New York State Senate

Support iPoker on Social Media

Support New York Online PokerSpread the word about online poker regulation in New York via social media. Talk about it on Facebook and tweet about legislative issue via Twitter. Make sure to include hashtags in your conversations so that other NY citizens and lawmakers see your support.

Use hashtags like #NYiPoker #LetNYPlay #LegalNYPoker and more to get the word out to others.

Join the Poker Player’s Alliance

NY Online Poker SupportThe Poker Player’s Alliance has been lobbying for online poker in the United States since the passage of the UIGEA in 2006. Head over to the Poker Player’s Alliance now and signup to become a member of the PPA and to receive regular updates about iPoker regulations in New York and throughout the United States.


Support Poker Initiatives

Online Poker NY SupportStay informed on all the latest news and information about NY iPoker and show your support for upcoming poker initiatives. The #1 reason that iPoker initiatives fail in other states is lack of support from constituents. Show your support in person and online whenever iPoker regulation is in the news. The more that lawmakers and stakeholders see the need, the greater the odds that legislation moves forward.